Thursday, September 08, 2005

Duel at Diablo

Watched this B western with my dad last night. James Garner plays Jess Remsberg, a scout who has recently lost his wife to scalping - rumor has it at the hands of a white man. Ellen Grange (Bibi Anderson) is trying to rejoin the Apache tribe that had once kidnapped her, to the understandable exasperation of her husband, played by Dennis Weaver. Bill Travers plays Lt. Scotty McAllister, trying to lead a convoy from Ft. Creel to Ft. Conchos, but must be on the lookout for Apache chief Chata (John Hoyt), who is also the father of Grange's Apache husband, recently killed in the rescue of Ellen Grange. Remsberg accompanies the convoy with the help of Toller (Sidney Poitier), and the ensuing action sequences are matched by such sterling dialogue as this:

Ellen Grange
You're going to kill me.
No. You will be alive when I bury you in the grave of my son.


Blogger Jonathan Webb said...

No, you will be alive when I bury you in the grave of my son who was killed by the white man and whose grave I his father will dig with my own hands with a shovel obtained on a raid following my son's death and which belonged to the family of my son's killer to be now used in digging up my son's grave for the purpose of burying you alive there.

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