Friday, September 16, 2005

Letter X No. 4

The latest issue of this relatively new literary magazine just came out. I guess they have an online version as well. A friend of mine (or an aquaintence, actually) ... okay, some guy I met at a party was handing out free hard copies to anybody who'd take one. He was pretty well gone, I think. A few too many Bushmills, I figured, the bottle in his free hand being a pretty good indication. Anyway, he has a poem called 'Under the Overpass' in there. Which I have to say I don't really get. Why is a freeway like heaven? And you can't really 'breathe' gas, can you? You could gargle it, I suppose, but how would that happen? I myself once got some gas in my mouth while siphoning gas out of some guy's pickup at a National Park when I was on empty. Anyway, the picture is pretty cool; I'll give him that. You can read it for yourself here, if you're so inclined.

Okay, I've read it again and 'random car parts' is pretty good. As is the whole river metaphor. So good job, Jeb.


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