Tuesday, October 25, 2005

KSRK, "Guilty?/Not Guilty?" A Passion Narrative

It's no longer summer, of course, but I'll make a sortie into Kierkegaard territory again by proclaiming that I've read through the 'Advertisement several times now, and I like it. I think it's some of the better 'writing' I've read in Kierkegaard. The description of Soeborg Castle is detailed and mysterious, and I liked the account of F.T.'s fishing expedition with his friend the naturalist:
The naturalist sat absorbed completely in his work, he merely inquired casually if I had got anything, an exclamation which did nto seem to expect a reply, since with good reason he did not regard my fishing efforts as having any bearing upon science. In fact I had not found what he was after, but something altogether different. And so each of us sas at our respective ends of teh boat, each preoccupied with hsi find, he for teh sake of science, I for the sake of friendship and curiosity. Wrapped in oilskin and provided with many seals was a rosewood box. The box was locked, and when I opened it by force the key lay inside - thus it is that morbid reserve always is introverted. Int eh box was a manuscript writeen with a very careful and clear hand upon thin paper. There was orderliness and neatness in it all, and yet an air of solemn consecration as if it had been written before the face of God. To think that by my intervention I have brought disorder into the archives of heavenly justice! But now it is too late, now I crave forgiveness of heaven and of the unknown author. Undenaibly the place of concealment was well chosen, and Soeborg Lake is more trustworthy than the most solemn declaration which promises "complete silence," for the lake makes no such declaration. Strangely enough, different as happiness and administration of the lottery when distributing the prizes of fortune is extolled for being silent about the names of the fortunate ones lest their good fortune might become an embarrassment ot them; but the unfortuante who has gambled away all his fortune also desires to have his name passed over in silence.


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