Monday, November 20, 2006

Claim Jumpers

When I first heard that for my birthday my family was taking me to a new restaurant called CLAMjumpers, I was more excited than I've been since I don't remember when. I'd never heard of clams that jump, of course, and trying to imagine how an ordinary bi-valve leaps out of the sand just hurt my head, but I then I just took it on faith that these were some pretty special shellfish indeed. So imagine my surprise when, after driving around Tukwila for an hour in search of the place, I find myself parked in front of what looks like an Oklahoma ranch house designed by Victor Gruen himself.

And now, after looking up the website for the link provided above, I have to say I'm suspicious of any restaurant that has an "Enhanced Flash Site Requiring Flash Player 7". Just give me a menu, dammit. With clams on it. Still, it was a wonderful time, and eating bass in a steakhouse has a special delight all its own. It really was quite good. My thanks to the entire family.


Blogger Farrah Katz said...

You know the "C.J" really is a good deal. Not sure if you'd find it here in Japan, but I believe they have Outback, so close enough.
I must say though, having dinner at chain restaurants near a mall makes me break out into hives just like being within 2 miles of a WalMart.

10:47 AM  

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