Saturday, November 11, 2006

From the Music Video Archives

High, by the Cure, was on the 1992 album Wish. For my money (zilch, actually, having invested so many hours waiting in front of the television until this song finally came up again), this was one of the best music videos ever. The song is fantastic, and the cinematography with all those lush blues and golds in an overexposed skyscape is pretty breathtaking. Is that a gondola or a big chunk of some gothic cathedral? Was that a tongue that just came out of Robert Smith's mouth, or a snake? What's he doing on the kite?

when I see you sticky as lips/as licky as trips/I can't lick that far/but when you pout/the way you shout out loud/it makes me want to start/and when I see you happy as a girl/that swims in a world of magic show/it makes me bite my fingers through/to think I could've let you go


Blogger Big Jon, Bully said...

My favorite music video is "Stuck in the Moment" by U2, American version.

5:41 PM  

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